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Dear Friend,
Finally there is a glint of hope. The glint is gold. Gold hit $1,550 per ounce in September 2019…
We expect it to go further, creating wealth opportunities beyond your expectations.
How does $2,000 an ounce sound? Many sceptics told us that reaching $1,500 per ounce was impossible. Gold defied gravity and I’m sure they are still kicking themselves today.

Let me show you what I mean…

The gold price since 2010


Take a look at the chart above. Gold flew up in 2011, over $1,800 an ounce. From there it’s been declining steadily. This fall presents you with a great buying opportunity.
I want to show you how you can inject gold into your portfolio today before it’s too late. Many investors are making massive returns right now. Make sure you’re not left out in the cold.

Gold is a “global currency” – the only one that is freely tradable and unfettered by vast quantities of sovereign debt and prior obligations.
Money has moved away from turmoil reigning in the Middle East. This resulted in the US and European markets investing their money in gold, a more established and dependable currency.
With insights from Gold Bug, Adrian Ash and other yellow metal experts, we bring you a report explaining – clearly and simply – the very best ways for you to include gold in your portfolio today.
You could turn every 50% rise into gains of 100%...  or as much as 150%!
Gold: the only real currency
The purpose of this report is to convince you not to make the same mistake as those who’ve sold their gold holdings in fear of a gold crash, after the 20 year stellar run.
The truth is, gold is the only strongest currency in the world. When markets fall or currencies crash,
gold is the currency you can depend on. It‘s a stable metal that has survived the worst depressions. It doesn’t crumble or rust from age to age gold will always stand the test of time.
Markets are currently very volatile. Depending on currencies like the dollar or the rand can be very risky. BUY GOLD today. It’s your foundation to build on in an unstable economy.
Our singular message is: Millions of investors, including many experienced professionals, could clearly see that conditions in the 1970’s were favourable for gold. But while they sat back and debated whether
or not they should buy, the yellow metal soared more than 24-fold.
A R25,000 investment in gold at the start of 1971 transformed into over R500,000 by February 1983. And even today, millions of investors across the world are kicking themselves for not taking advantage.
Since dipping to historic lows at the end of the 1990’s, gold has steadily risen from the desperate price of $256 an ounce. In May 2011, gold broke through $4,800 an ounce for the first time ever.
And right now it’s sentinelling in around $1,500 an ounce.
A severely constrained supply could see the price soar within the next five years....
The smart money has already begun filtering into gold. Bullion dealers in Europe and the US report that jaded stock market analysts and bombed-out bond investors are increasing the proportion of their investment portfolios devoted to the yellow metal.
Because the global economy is increasingly unsettled... And with the supply of gold becoming tighter by the day – further price rises over the next decade look almost inevitable.

Gold is at the very beginning of a multiyear bull market that will take the yellow metal many times higher than the present level.
Gold is not going to start attracting the attention of mainstream investors until it starts appreciating in all currencies, rather than just the US dollar. What really struck home is editor of the Daily Reckoning,
Jim Rickards prediction, "The gold price could rise, if not to $10,000 then to a level that reflects gold’s historical measure of value.”
That’s a potential 566% rise. And no, you don’t need to be a dollar investor to reap these rewards.
If this market cycle continues to rhyme with history, and it certainly looks like it will, the best is undoubtedly still to come.
And right now it makes perfect sense to climb aboard…
Gold making massive gains over the next few years

I believe these are the dawning days of a 20-year bull market in commodities and precious metals.
Already, gold prices have increased 342% since 2001. And they’re likely to soar much higher. You see, markets for resources – like everything else – run in periodic and predictable cycles.
The 20th century experienced 3 commodities bull markets:
  • 1906-1922
  • 1933-1953
  • 1968-1982
The shortest of these bull markets lasted 14 years and the longest lasted 23 years. The one we’re in now began in 2000. Historically speaking, we have at least until 2014 before this bull market expires.
According to our gold experts’ professional opinions, it’ll last until 2020.
Take the price of gold... Since 2001, it’s gone from $256 an ounce to $1,550. But compared to the bull market of the late 1970’s, this is only the beginning... This may be the biggest gold bull market in history.
In today’s dollars, gold will have to reach $2,150 an ounce to reach the same high it reached on January 16, 1980. According to some experts, this gold bull market will be unlike any we’ve seen before. 
Jim Rickards says, “Fundamentally my target for gold is in the range of $7,000 to $9,000 per ounce. That’s not something that will happen straight away, but it’s not a ten year forecast either. It’s a three- to five-year forecast, for the price to rise by about five to six times.”
No matter which new plateau gold reaches, it seems imminent that gold is headed in only one direction – up.
And consider the last time we had a bull market in precious metals people in Asia were closed off.
China’s now the third largest consumer of gold. Now China has entered the picture the situation is completely different than any previous bull market.
All this adds up to what will probably be the biggest precious metals bull market the world has ever seen. In other words, the best place to have your money over the next two decades will be in precious metals and raw materials.
Three gold reasons you should be buying now
You don’t have to be an economics graduate to know that uncertainty breeds desire for gold. And for the first time since the global gold market began in 1974, we’re now facing a true and systematic threat to the world’s political and financial structure…
1) Paper currencies are racing to devalue – with China recently devaluing the Yuan in the wake of a escalating trade wars with the US! There’s no more powerful rocket fuel for a gold bull market than a collapsing currencies.
This alone will continue to cause a mass exodus of ‘safe haven’ money out of paper money and into gold. 
2) The rush to ‘hard money’ has already begun! All around the globe, investors are becoming increasingly worried about holding paper currencies of ANY kind. That’s because nearly every government, desperate to stay competitive in a global marketplace, now wants its currency to devalue.
What would YOU rather have: a piece of paper with ZERO intrinsic value... or a tangible and rare metal that has been viewed as a store of wealth for thousands of years? It’s no surprise that gold – real money – will continue to thrive in this environment. But that’s not the only reason we believe gold will keep soaring in 2019 and beyond…
3) Demand for gold is exploding… but there will be supply bottlenecks next year and beyond – Gold investment demand is very high… with desire for the yellow metal soaring to record levels. More importantly, the desire is also being driven by emerging economies.

  Yes, I want to make money from gold

China needs GOLD fast

You see, when China’s government took over the gold mining industry in 1949 – they also outlawed gold as an investment in China... This event caused one of the biggest uproars in the nation’s history...
For five decades, gold-starved Chinese routinely snuck into government-owned mines and dug up as much gold as they could backpack, pocket, or carry in their arms.
The situation got so intense that heavily armed government soldiers – known as Red Guards – routinely stormed Chinese homes in search of hidden gold. Because of a recent law, Chinese citizens are once again allowed to own gold – for the first time in more than 50 years – and they’re unloading their savings into gold.
“[China’s new gold law] is designed to create a new investment outlet for China’s huge pile of household savings,” reports BBC News.
“With more cash in their wallets,” reports the China Daily, “many Chinese are looking for ways to diversify their investments to guarantee the security of assets and to even seek a profit. For gold seems to be the favoured choice.”
Here's another thing...

China's Central Bank has been buying gold since December 2018. July 2019 was the eighth consecutive month of growing gold reserves.
In other words, China is hoarding gold... lots of it... and fast.
South Africa was once one of the biggest suppliers of gold in the world though China and Australia kicked South Africa off the top slot 5 years ago. But the harsh reality of rising production costs and lower rand revenues have hurt the local industry in the new millennium.
And that’s where the bottleneck comes in. The increase in demand is showing no sign of abating,
while it will take years to bring new supply into production. As Pierre Lassonde, president of Newmont Mining says: “If gold was $1,000 an ounce, it would still take four to seven years to open a new mine.”
4) The most unstable geopolitical climate in a generation. Political unrest across the Middle East have done little to promote the production of gold. The ever growing spate of international terror attacks, create an even more unsettled climate for at least the medium term.
Add in the new and persuasive threat of terrorist groups… and the unrest it is causing in countries like Syria, Libya, Yemen and Europe… and you have a geopolitical environment for gold – the world’s ultimate safe haven.
These are the verifiable facts, trends and activities set to benefit gold investors over the next five to ten years. They provide a floor below which it’s very unlikely the price of gold will fall. They also lay down a launch pad from which investors who have bought into gold will see their investments soar. The only conclusion you can take from this is clear:

Not since the 1970’s have so many factors pointed so overwhelmingly to an extending bull market in gold. In fact, once gold breaks $2,000 an ounce (as some pundits expect it to do this year), there seems very little preventing it from climbing further and further!
The new fundamental forces we have mentioned above are almost certain to push the bull market onwards this year. With paper money crashing… gold demand outstripping supply… and the very real potential of tons of new demand from Asia and the Middle East world – further rises are almost inevitable.
But to take advantage you MUST ACT NOW!

  Yes, I want to make money from gold

Introduce gold to your portfolio now

This is your chance to get in before the next phase of the gold bull begins in earnest. We have to put together the most comprehensive ‘how to’ plan for gold investment available today.

Put simply, we are confident this is the only resource a successful gold investor will ever need.

Please, even if you’ve never considered a gold investment before, accept our invitation to at least review How to Make Money from Gold: Everything YOU need to know about cashing in on today’s hottest bull market, risk-free for the next 28 days.
You’ll find every single aspect of gold investment covered for you in simple, step-by-step detail:
  • How to BUILD A GOLD SHARE PORTFOLIO – The nine key principles of profitable gold mining investments… five key questions for the gold investor… plus the safest ways to buy gold and profit from a resource that could go through the roof over the next few years.
  • How you could MAKE A KILLING WITH WARRANTS AND FUTURES – giving you a simple strategy to protect yourself against any short-term pullback in the gold price... how to swap your gold coins for warrants, but keep all your profits... plus how to ‘gear up’ using futures on mining shares to control R10,000 worth of stock with just R1,000 down...
As well as showing you how to swiftly, safely and cheaply slot gold into your own portfolio, How to Make Money from Gold will also give you a comprehensive background to gold investment…
  • How investors made gains up to 1,900% in 12 years during the last gold bull – and why we believe you can do even better this time! You’ll learn the Golden Pillars that support the argument that this gold bull market could be TWICE as profitable as the one in the 1970’s.
  • Why governments don’t want you to own gold – Western governments want to control the supply of paper money and profit from booms and busts. Gold could be your way out of this trap. Not only that, it’s a private form of investment that can’t be traced, allowing you to manage your affairs in your own way and how to assert your own financial independence through the world’s only true currency.
  • The best-kept secret in the gold industry – Thanks to massive under-investment after gold’s last bull run peaked out in the early 1980’s, there is now not enough gold to meet current demand... let alone the kind of demand there will be in five years time. We’ll show you why gold reserves will keep on dwindling… and how you could profit from it…
Keep in mind: despite the fact that gold hit $1,550 an ounce in September 2019, we’re still at the very early stages of this bull market. Most private investors haven’t even considered gold yet... many are still sceptical.
But a small group of switched-on investors know what’s to come and are buying now!
Which side of the gold bull will you be on?

Your 28 day no-risk review period

I’d like to send you How to Make Money from Gold to review risk-free. You’ll have the opportunity to see just how excellent this publication is and how relevant the information is to you today.
Should you decide to keep this invaluable resource, it will cost you R497.
That’s just R497 for ALL the information you need to take advantage of a steady and sustained rise in the price of gold over the next 10 years. I think you’ll agree it’s a small price to pay for such a valuable and current resource.
  Yes, I want to make money from gold

Your 28 day full money-back promise

Of course, I only want you to pay the R497 if you’re entirely happy with this exclusive report.
Review How to Make Money from Gold  for the next 28 days, and if you’re not completely convinced you’ll profit, send them back inside that time for a full refund.
Yes, that’s right. Not only are we knocking R100 off the price, we’re still offering you our 28 day money back guarantee.
In all sincerity, I cannot recall an investment opportunity as promising as this. Gold is NOT going to sit around and wait for you. It’s already blasted through $1,500… And you’ve read four compelling reasons why it can go higher.

It’s your chance to repeat the incredible profits of the 1970’s – and protect your wealth from the uncertain times ahead.
I urge you to seize this opportunity NOW.
Yours sincerely,

Annabel Koffman
Group Publisher
FSP Investment Research

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